Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Few More Pictures

Frankie and Me at the Astros Game - July 30, 2008
(First picture of me without hair)

"The Card Wall" in our Houston Apartment (which has now turned he corner)

The best picture we took of Old Town Spring - June 28, 2008


  1. HI! Went to the cruise club meeting at the Yacht Club. There is a very large group of boaters who all seem to know each other. They have a smaller group of jet ski people so we are thinking of attending a few of their functions. When we got home from Atlanta we had two new additions to our indoor pond. Two tiny black fish. I wish they were bobbleheads, but they are not. Weather has gotten cooler since it rained. It is actually nice to sit outside. Hope Bradley continues to feel better with each passing day. Maybe you can go out and do something fun by the end of the week. You are constantly in our prayers and can't wait till you are able to come home. Your HGTV house is waiting! Love, mom

  2. Hi --Hope today is a Great day for you both. Sue Dunaway