Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I am sorry for the delayed post. We have had many requests for updates to the blog. Unfortunately, the pain medications that I have been taking prevent me from using the computer for extended periods of time. Every medication that I have been taking lists severe drowsiness as a side effect. I believe, also, that taking them all together may compound their effects. The solution that we have come up with is that I will dictate the message, and Marissa will take over on the keyboard. I promise I will get an update posted soon that will catch you up on all of the details from the date of the last post to current. Please stay tuned and thank you for being patient.

We have also received many requests for information on financial donations. We have opened an account that will be receiving charitable donations for my healthcare and living expenses during my stay in Houston. We have been told by my Oncologist that we need to make arrangements to live in Houston for at least 6 weeks. After 6 weeks of treatment, I will have all of my diagnostic tests performed again to determine the effect of the first round of chemotherapy. If the treatment is considered successful, I will be evaluated to see if my treatment may be continued in Atlanta, and monitored by MD Anderson. If the treatment is unsuccessful, I will start again at square one with a lengthy stay in Houston. For those who would like to help with our financial burdens, the addresses are as follows:

Financial Donations:

First Citizens National Bank
C/O Diane Warren
104 North Monroe
Newbern, TN 38059

Please make checks payable to Bradley Dycus.
You will receive a receipt for your contributions. Please provide a return address for this.

Our home address:

638 Nottingham Drive
Lawrenceville, GA 30045

Apartment Address: ***As of 7/26/08 we are no longer receiving mail at this address***

7500 Brompton Road
Apt. # 557
Houston, TX 77025

Thank you for your prayers and your generosity.


  1. please please please go to crazysexycancer.blogspot.com. This lady was on Oprah today. She has stage 4 sarcoma. I have rarely seen such an inspirational person. You can read the show notes on Oprah.com. She is proof that you can LIVE with cancer. I thought of you and cried a million tears hearing her story. You and the family are always in my heart and on my mind.

    Jill Powers

  2. Hi guys,
    Owen and I sent out our care package yesterday so you should be getting that in the next couple days. Hopefully this heat won't spoil the treats!
    Just wanted to say we are thinking of you today as you begin chemo. We are praying for you and sending out prayer requests to all those we know. This is a big day-a day that begins the journey of your healing!!
    Love always,
    The Hughes'

  3. Bill and Paula DycusJune 11, 2008 at 7:23 AM


    Your mother and I just want to express our deep love and prayers for you and Marissa. We realize the past several weeks and months have been very difficult for you. Through your pain both of you have been solid in your belief that you will beat this illness and we believe you will, too. We have never seen anyone like you and Marissa in your faith in God that you will be healed and will return to a normal life. Mom and I pray continually that it is God's will that you will be healed. And I would also say that, in my conversations with Marissa on the
    trip from Atlanta to Houston, Marissa is praying for you as hard or harder than anyone. I could see that she truly and deeply loves you. Just remember that the Bible says that with God, all things are possible. We have been praying each and every day for a miracle and continue to believe that a miracle is forthcoming. You are strong and that,
    coupled with His will, will make you a survivor.

    Like your cousin Debra says...Be tough, Bradley, be tough!

    We love you both,

    Mom and Dad Dycus

  4. Hey guys,

    We were really sorry to hear about the tough time you're going through. You're in our thoughts and prayers. Hang in there, Bradley, I'm looking forward to the next time we can scream at Coach Fulmer together.

    I'm not sure if I ever told you about it, but you might remember the day you met my new foster kids at Gander Mountain several months ago. As we walked out of the store, Amber told me, "he was really nice". I have learned that's about the highest compliment an adult can receive from a 6-year-old. Adults could probably say it in a more descriptive way, but it wouldn't be any more appropriate.

    Everybody's pulling for you. Stay tough. See you soon.

    Trevor, Teresa (you know us), Ash Lee, Amber, Erin (our three new kids), Duke, Ripley (our four-legged kids), Samantha, and Tim (our cold-blooded, scaly kids)

  5. Hi Bradley and Marissa-
    I am at a loss for words. Life can be so confusing and unexplainable. Stay strong! Now is the time to lean on friends and family; gather strength from their strength. I am praying for you and sending everything positive your way.
    I'm sure you could use some good reading material, so I'm sending a really good book your way. Be on the lookout.
    Much love,
    The Adams (Stacey, Russell, Watson, and Willa)

  6. Bradley and Marissa,
    Jud and I wanted to let you know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. You have also been added to our prayer list at church. We hope that things go well for you today. Stay strong.

    Kim Morrison

  7. Bradley and Marissa,
    How awesome to see how much support and how many prayers you are recieving from people. You have lots of people keeping up with your blog and pulling for you. Mom and I will be making a visit as soon as you let us know when you want us there. We will be thinking of you tomorrow as you begin your chemo. You both have such positive attitudes and that is so important. We miss you and love you.

  8. Bradley, glad chemo went well yesterday and goes well today. Got up early and took dogs for a walk. Yogi saw a rabbit and was ready to run, but I restrained him. I did not want any leg problems. You are in our prayers! Love, mom

  9. Hi Bradley, Heard you had a bad night. Hope today and the rest of the week gets better. Hot here. I have lost 6 pounds. I think it is from no appetite (too hot to eat) and I walk the dogs every morning and late evening. We have a lot of rabbits so my garden is a real dud. You are always in my prayers. Love, christine

  10. Hey Bradley and Marissa,

    This is Chris Hart. I have history class with Nate. The situation that you are going through must be pretty tough..for the both of you. I am happy to let you know that you both and your family will be in my and my family's prayers. You guys just have to hang in there and know that times get better. I believe that everything happens for a reason and that once you make it through this together there will be so much strength and love from you to that it would be so great to the world. You have to just keep in your mind that you will do so much good for so many more people because of your experience. Just continue to pray to the God of your choice and know that everything will be fine. I wish you the best of luck.

    Chris Hart
    Georgia State University

  11. Hi! I am glad that you both had a fun day yesterday and glad Bradley is feeling good today. Weather here is hot and no rain. Rabbits keep eating my garden and I saw the cutest little baby rabbit hopping around my flower beds today. Dogs are fine. We go for walks in the morning and at nite.Saw a lot of fireflies last nite and a bear has been sited in Linda and Norm's neighborhood and by my friend Kathy's house. Have a good day! Love, christine

  12. Hey Bradley, I just wantd to tell you agian that we all are pulling for you. I saw this marine on History Channel and thought of you. He had a grenade explode in his face during heavy fighting in Falluga, and wasnt hurt. The fragments were imbedded in the walls all around him, but he wasnt even scrached! He said it must have been all the people praying for him back home! We all are praying for you here man! I will be thinking of you all day. So God's Speed and well keep praying. Love, positive vibes, and prayers-n8

  13. Bradley, you will be in my thoughts and prayers today, as always. Gary and I are thinking of moving in your house becuase it looks so good!
    Love, Chris

  14. Hey I was glad to see the picture of you! You look great man. Ill have to read the post after school though, Im off to take another test. Im glad to know your chemo session is over. I am sure the test results in 2 weeks will be good. Every spare thought I have is on you and your results. I gota run and Ill read the post tonight. Hang in there and keep doing what they tell you to! We love and miss you both-n8

  15. Hey Bradley, man I am sorry I havent been posting quite as regularly as I should, but I think I have got the horses back in line so anyway, here I am. We had a pretty exiting Sunday. We went to Carrie and John's house Sat night. When we got home Meaghan went to bed and the dogs and I stayed up studing. Later when I went to bed I let 2 of the cats in, but not Junior. It was raining and I didnt think anything of it becuase he often sleeps in weird out of the way spots. When I got up with Jack he still wasnt anywhere, agiain, I didnt think much of it. After I put Jack back to bed for his morning nap I went out front to make a phone call. It took a few moments but I soon realized I was looking right at Jr.,....three stories up in a pine tree! With more rain and lightning moving in I went to Home Depot and rented a fourty foot ladder. I climbed up there and got him down as the thunderstorm moved in and the wind picked up. Jr. is missing a 3square inch patch of fur on the back of his neck. My buddy Pete had his trash can knocked over and raided, and we found a mostly eaten rabbit out in front the colvert! My neighbor said he saw that coyote Sat night we saw a few months ago! So I feel lucky that the fat cat got away. He must be one slippery cat!
    Any way, I know you are having a rough time, and I am sorry. I know you will beat this just like the chemo. I wish I could tell you something that would make it easier for you but Ive got nothing man. Sorry. But if it means anything I think of and pray for you every spare moment I have. I know you will get the results we all have been praying for next Thursday. I believe it more than I have ever believed anything. So keep up that fighting spirit, keep doing what they tell you to, and we will keep praying.
    Love, positive vibes, and prayers-n8

  16. Ola, Bradley & Marissa,
    I am an OLD friend of your parents. They actually were married in my home in Nashville. Your Dad and I were roomies at Union for a time. All of my family and their different churches are keeping you in their prayers. God has a plan for you. Finding his plan is true peace. Keep the faith I know your folks have passed on to you!

  17. Hey Bradley!, I tried calling but I kept getting the voicemail. I know tomorrow and thurs. are very important days. I am sure all the waiting is got to be maddening. I just believe that you will get the news that we all want to hear. I know that in my heart. We are waiting with baited breath. I wish I had something to say that would make it any easier on you but I dont. Just know that we are prayng and believing back here. So I hope everything goes according to plan, and keep us informed. Well keep praying.
    love, positivevibes, and prayers-n8

  18. Hey man its a big day, and we are pulling for you. I could hardley sleep last night, I bet you are a bit anxious too. Well just remember that Marine's story about the grenade in his face. He really felt the prayers for saftey back home. I promise you have just as many praying for you. I hope that makes the bannasteel shake go down a little easier. Every one in class has been asking about you, and is eager to hear when you are coming back and knows today is important. Good luck man, we all love and miss you here, so good luck today.
    Love, prayers, and positive vibes-n8

  19. Hey I hope you get some rest tonight. You know we are praying you will.
    love, prayers, and positive vibes-n8