Thursday, May 21, 2009

NY Scans Next Week

So as not to let too much time elapse between posts, I will give a quick update on Bradley. We left off on Monday, April 27 with Bradley on his second week of chemo. Bradley tolerated the rest of his chemo very well that week. Decreasing the dose of the Irinotecan seemed to help immensely. For Bradley’s “off” week we went to Santa Rosa Beach in Florida. My family rented a four bedroom condo for us all to be able to vacation together. My mom, Meaghan, Nathan, Jack, Maison, Ashleigh, Owen, and Ethan all stayed at the condo. It was definitely an interesting week. Most of the little ones were sick, Nathan got sick during the week, and I did also. Bradley felt pretty well the majority of the week. He didn’t feel wonderful, but he did not feel horrible either. All in all it was a great vacation, and we were able to enjoy the week. We returned home Friday, May 8. That night Bradley’s parents came for a visit. It was Bradley’s dad’s birthday and that Sunday was Mother’s Day. We wanted to be able to celebrate with his parents so they drove down for the weekend. They arrived late Friday night and had to leave Sunday evening. It was a short trip but we were able to get a couple of things done around our house with their help, and we had a very nice visit. Sunday, May 10 was not only Mother’s Day but also Ethan’s Baptism. Visiting with our families over the last week kept us very busy, but we really enjoyed every minute.

Monday, May 11 Bradley began his 14th total round of chemotherapy. This is his 4th round of Irinotecan, Temodar, and Avastin since his surgery in February. This dose was also to be decreased to help with Bradley’s side effects. This round the Avastin was also decreased by 25% as a precautionary measure. Bradley was having some mild nosebleeds. The Avastin can cause internal bleeding, that is why his dose was decreased to play it safe. Bradley has felt pretty well. His main side effects are still pretty intense stomach aches and also insomnia. We have filled 3 different prescriptions to try to help Bradley get a good night’s sleep and unfortunately none of them really help. It started off with him not being able to get to sleep until 3am or so, and now it has advanced to not sleeping all night. The past two nights he was awake all night. Hopefully as suddenly as this insomnia started it will also end.

Today is Thursday, May 21 and tomorrow is Bradley’s last day of chemo for this round. We have been going in to receive his chemo around 1pm. This chemo only takes about an hour and a half to get (of course with waiting for the nurses it turns into more like 3), but it has been nice going in late since Bradley hasn’t been sleeping well. When he finally does fall asleep in the morning he has a couple of hours before he has to get up and go to treatment. It has also been better going in later because it has allowed me to watch Jack several days this week.

This Saturday, May 23 we are headed to Knoxville, TN to my mom’s house. We are staying until Tuesday morning then we are headed back to New York for scans. The dogs are staying at my mom’s house while we are away.

Bradley’s scans are scheduled for 5pm on Wednesday, May 27. I am not sure if we will meet with the doctor on Thursday or Friday for results. These scans are very important. They will tell us if the questionable spots from the last scan are still there and if they are tumor. Of course we are praying and believing that these spots will be gone and are not tumor. We do not have any chemo scheduled for now, as we are awaiting the results of these scans. If all goes as planned when we return home instead of starting chemo on that Monday, Bradley will begin the Lovastatin/Interferon treatment from the doctor in Nashville. This will really help in so many ways. It will allow us to be at home and rest for more than a week without running to chemo everyday. Of course it will alleviate the side effect’s from chemo, though it presents side effects of its own, not as harsh though. It will really be the start of regaining Bradley’s physical strength and allowing us to slowly start getting back to normal life, while still be medically cautious. These are our hopes, our plans, and what we are praying for.


  1. David & BeverlyMay 25, 2009 at 1:59 PM

    As always, thanks for sharing your updates. We, along with countless others, continue to pray for your total healing. As you travel to New York, you are surrounded by our thoughts and prayers and we believe you will receive great news. Blessings to you both...

    Love & prayers,
    David & Beverly

  2. Hey guys I just wanted to let you know we are thinking of you tonight, its another big day tomorrow. I hope you are able to get some sleep over the next couple nights. I am sure these things never get any easier. We all are praying for you here and cant wait for the good news.
    love and prayers- nathan

  3. I hope all goes well! You're in my prayers.

    Jill Powers and Family

  4. We hope you got good results on the scans. We are also in the process of scanning. What a gut renching process. We will keep you both in thoughts and prayers. Take care.

    Alissa and Jason