Friday, May 30, 2008

Clarifications to the Background

After reading the post from last night, I thought that I should make a post of clarifications. It was brought to my attention that it seems I have lost all faith in the medical system. While that may be true to some extent, last night’s post was more of a way to vent and show some frustration. I believe that I am at least partially to blame for my delayed diagnosis. Obviously, anyone showing symptoms for a year who has failed to seek medical attention does not have the right to complain that the medical system is slow to react.

As anyone who has spoken with me since I received this diagnosis will attest, I could not have a more positive outlook on my future. Clearly, with such a positive outlook, I believe that my doctors can and will provide me with the best treatment that is available.

Dr. Sharma, my family care physician, has been absolutely wonderful. She personally calls me or Marissa 3 or 4 times per day, just to see how I am feeling or to see if there is anything that she can do. I have never had this kind of attention from anyone in the healthcare industry, and I absolutely cannot thank her enough for all that she has done.

I received a comment from “Mary” on my previous post with some incredibly helpful information. Mary, if you are reading this, would you please send me an email so that I may ask some questions? Thank you.

Just as an update, we are still waiting to hear from MD Anderson Cancer Center. They are supposed to call me or Dr. Sharma sometime today. Dr. Sharma submitted all of the necessary forms for referral on Tuesday, May 27. Marissa also completed the documents for “self-referral” just in case. Both referral forms said that we should get a phone call within 72 hours to schedule an appointment. Dr. Sharma said that she would call today to check the status, as we are obviously very anxious to hear from them. I will make a post about this as soon as I receive that telephone call.

I had my PET scan performed this morning. I assume that everything went well. The radiologist will need time to interpret the results, and then hopefully Dr. Sharma will call me to discuss the results. If she doesn’t, I will have to wait until my next oncology appointment with Dr. Sarma on June 9. The MRI’s are still scheduled for Monday morning, and of course, if I receive any results from these tests, they will be posted.

Thanks again for checking in on the blog. And thank you for all of your prayers.


  1. Dear Bradley and Marissa,

    We just wanted to let you know that we think of you many times during the day, and with these thoughts, a prayer is always said. We know that you are travelling on a rough road right now, but you are not alone. There are so many family and friends travelling with you, and most importantly, God is with you every step of the way. We will go through all of this one day at a time, with positive thoughts, prayers, and most of all - faith.
    We love you both very much.


    Uncle Charlie, Aunt Joanie, Tara and Tim

  2. I hope you were feeling better today and Nathan and I are constantly thinking of you. We miss you both terribly! Nathan is going to check on your house tomorrow and Babbette has called several times to check on you. Jack and I said an extra prayer for you today before he went to sleep. We love you,

  3. hi i havent sent anything in a couple of days i heard you were in quarantine i know that is great news been real busy with the yard sale the LORDhas really blessed as of now i have a little over 900 dollars some of it is where people from my church has just come up to me and handed me money and i took it this money will be taken to the bank monday morning i dont know what they do but please let me know if you get it next weekend we are moving stuff to newbern and we should do good there grammie gave me some great stuff several people have give me stuff and then come back and bought stuff the people here have been so good and so much is going on right now for you and your family there hunter gave up some of his really good toys but he was okay with it because he loves you so much okay got to go always praying for you all of you take care of each other widdis and mimi

  4. hi heard you had a rough day i hope you are feeling better the yard sale was a bit slow today but that is okay i think i reached the 1000.00goal that i was hopeing for and for a yard sale with a dollar here and a dollar ther that is not bad but i have got to tell you this maybe you will get a laugh out of this i dont know if your mom or dad knows who joe marshall is but years ago he would paint pictures of reelfoot lake and hunting and fishing scenes we had 2 of them i sold one for 50.00 almost got a divorce just kidding the next day widdis sold the other one for100.00 hey you are more important right now and your family than any material thing that money can buy still praying fervently for all of you take care of each other mimi and widdis baker

  5. Hey guys. Well we had good day. I took a couple hrs longer at my first stop today but still managed to get about two solid hrs in at your place. Gary paintd all that trim before I got there, and I got all the casing, and most of the base nailed up. He is gonna caulk and paint it tomorrow. Gary paints like the wind, and slung a bunch of paint today. He said he was gonna start on that brush mountian of yours tomorrow. I got a plan for your kitchen, and this week I'll finish that bit of cabinetry by the fridge and microwave. Well I hope your treatment is going well. I am keeping every bit of brain power on positive thoughts and prayers for you next test results. I know you are beating this thing. So keep fighting the good fight man! We miss you two all the time, and cant wait to have you two back home.
    Love, positive vibes and prayers -n8

  6. Hey, good morning. Fourth of July has come and gone and its nothin but dog days till fall. I heard you found some fireworks to watch. I guess Texas is a god place to look for that stuff. I went to Jessee's wedding and they made me sing the Whooly Bully....It was terrible, you do it once and everybody expects it at their wedding. Oh well. School is almost done for the summer, I have something like 8 classes left, a two week break and then fall semester.
    You are almost through this treatment, I know you will be relieved to get this one done. Is this treatment any easier on you? Was knowing what it involved any help? We think of you all the time, I know that thearapy is hard, but I know it will be worth it. I know you will come home better and get back to living your life! I believe it more than I have ever believed anything. So try not worry about anything but getting better. Keep fighting, I know none of us can ever relate to what you are enduring, if I could help shoulder your pain, or even a fraction, I would in a heartbeat. You are a good person and dont deserve this, but you continue to be a good and caring person despite your condition. Hang in there man, this treatment is one more step to getting on that plane and coming home. Ill fly out and help you guys get your stuff together take ou to the airport and drive the Exterra home. Whenever tou guys decide to do so. I admire you strenth and courage and attitude, there is no doubt in my mind of your strenth. You are a proven tough guy, I mean it. Give Marissa a hug, Im glad she is there for you, remember we miss you two everyday, and keep getting better.
    Always love, positive vibes, and prayers-n8

  7. Allright, one more backpack down, and you are even closer than you were yesterday. What, one to go? I hope the time left in this session goes by quickly for you. I am sure its still tough though. So hang in there man. We are all pulling for you back here. I hope you have a good day and keep getting better.
    Love, positive vibes and prayers-n8